Are you considering to hire an interior designer but you cannot decide yet? Do you think that only the ultra-rich can afford the luxury of hiring an interior designer? Well, you are half right however let me explain you why also cost-conscious homeowners should hire designers.

#1 You will save money - There are two things people wish to have more of: money and time. Isn’t this true for you as well? Although it could sound like a contradiction having to pay the designer’s fee, the truth is a designer can help you avoid costly mistakes and make the right decisions to invest your money in cost effective solutions. Have you ever bought an item that looked amazing in the store but once you got it home you realised it was too big or too small or it simply didn’t look right with the rest of the furniture in the room? Or have you had to repaint a room few times to find the right colour? A trained interior designer has the expertise to guide you to make the right choices therefore will help you to save money in the first place.

#2 You will save time - Yes, hiring an interior designer will save you time, correct! And as they say… time is money! Sourcing the perfect floor, the quirky and bold accessories, the colourful tiles or that particular Italian designer sofa requires hours of research. Time you can easily spend doing what you love or with your family if you let a designer obsess over these things – it’s our passion after all!


#3 You will have less problems to solve - In every project, from the smallest to the biggest, there are challenges. Interior designers are trained in knowing how to come up with solutions that work and that will simplify your life. Also, managing builders, decorators or tradesman can give you  a big headache sometimes and can be extremely challenging. A designer can take away the hassle and coordinate all this on your behalf.

#4 You will have better resources and contacts - An important part of the design process is sourcing unique products which will not be found in everyone’s house. In order to achieve this, a good interior designer spend a great deal of time in the industry cultivating relationships with traders, artisan and suppliers. This will give you access to resources unavailable to you,  like fabrics, furnishing and accessories that are “to trade only”. Also, hiring a designer will help you easily find an electrician, plumber, and/or contractor that you can trust.

#5 You will have your vision brought to life -  Interior designers will listen to your ideas and wishes and develop them into your home whilst also considering all the finer details such as space planning, proportions, lighting and functionality. We have the knowledge to help you pinpoint your style and needs, therefore our suggestions will create a home that reflects who you are and what you love, considering not only the aesthetic of things but also their functionality according to your lifestyle.


#6 You will have the ‘wow factor’- By this I don’t mean the latest design trends or the very expensive accessory. The ‘wow factor’ for me, is adding to your home a personal and unique touch that only your life story can create. It’s the story of you, your family, your roots, your travels, your passions the ‘wow factor’. It’s a photo of your parents when they were young turned into a wallpaper, the quirky item inherited from your grand-mother, that painting you bought during a trip, the picture of your beloved pet in a frame…anything you would like your home to tell a story of.

#7 You will add value to your home -  A thoughtfully designed space that enhances the home’s architecture, character and style, it cannot help but raise the market value. Should you decide to sell in the future, having a professionally designed home will give your property a greater monetary value. So, I suppose in this case it’s fair to say that interior designers can help you to make money too!

This is only few of my top reasons why you should hire a designer! There are so many more advantages I could spend hours writing on…

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